June 25, 2016

Saving Time

10 Ways

10 Ways Orderwerks Saves Time!

Orderwerks was created to save you lots of time. Imagine not having to work out of your inbox anymore. Simple idea, but with the complexities of a typical order, this can be hard to achieve, especially as you grow your business. Here are 10 ways we solve this age old problem:

1) Organized Dealer Orders – By Project!

Stop hunting for single emails!

2) Itemized and Detailed Orders.

Keep things organized, even when you make input mistakes. Our smart re-numbering system takes the pain of re-numbering your order for you.

3) Commercial / Multi-Unit Project Organization.

Handle larger, more complex projects easily. Margins per unit are tighter, but the volume makes up for that, however a single mistake can replicate itself many times over.

4) Real Time Ordering Collaboration.

Work together, regardless of being in the same location.

5) Powerful Reporting Features!

We’ve only just started creating powerful reporting features on the platform. Already though, you get a clean, simple and easy to understand report generated for your detailed room item entry.

6) Shipping Management.

No longer will you or your dealers need to be wondering where shipments are currently. Now they can access every single one of their shipments you’ve entered.

7) Catalog or Non-Catalog Based Orders.

From simple notes on a room order with a drawing attachment to complete itemized catalog based entry, Orderwerks can handle both.

8) Unlimited Custom Items In an Item Entry Order.

Sometimes an order is just nothing but custom items. Our platform allows users to add custom items not present in your catalog very easily.

9) Email notifications when certain events occur.

Learn about certain actions occurring on the platform. Get an order awaiting review? Get an email. An order shipped? Also get an email.

10) Hosted by us, to save you time and money!

You have enough headaches just keeping your business working and trying to grow it. We take the stress out by managing this platform ourselves.