October 7, 2016

Item Entry

Docking Item Bar Feature Updates Inline Sub-Items

Feature Update October 2016

We’ve been extremely hard at work putting together an update for the Orderwerks platform so it becomes more seamless during our Customers day to day use. Here are some of our favorite new features:


1) Docking Item Entry Bar

Large order? No problem. The item entry bar docks to the top of the screen to always be available for adding items to the order.


Orderwerks Docking Item Lookup Bar


2) Inline Sub-Items

Pop-up windows, or modals, have a limitation in that they often create hidden features and details that are un-intuitive to find. Using them created two problems, however.

First, we ended up with the user not having an efficient way to see an item’s accessories in the item list without going to the room’s print view or re-opening the accessories modal.

Second, to expand on this concept by allowing additional types of sub-items, such as modifications, it would’ve created even more hidden features and details for the User to deal within the Order.

In the end to accomplish our goal for a seamless interaction for the user, required a completely new way of thinking about our entire item entry layout. After 8 design revisions and much careful thought, our team created inline sub-item sections for accessories and modifications – including an item lookup inside of each one.


Orderwerks Sub Items


Wrap Up

Our team is very excited to get many fairly complex interactions completed and look forward to updating the platform within the coming days.

Anyone considering (or using) an order entry platform should get in touch with us to see a live demo of our platform. It may save you hundreds or thousands of hours – and dollars.

Phone: 877-435-7588

Email: support (at) orderwerks.com