5 Benefits Online Order Entry Software Give To Your B2B Business
June 19, 2020

5 Benefits Online Order Entry Software Give To Your B2B Business

We don’t know what we don’t know. Plus, not knowing the software that’s available to our business can limit us both in terms of money and time. At some point, you found that what you’ve been doing in business isn’t working the way you want it to. Not knowing or understanding the benefits can make it challenging to really know what you’re missing out on. Let’s discuss 5 Benefits Online Order Entry Software Give To Your B2B Business.

Benefit 1 – Truly Digital Data

Maybe you’ve been using emails or spreadsheets to manage your business orders. Moving to a proper software solution is guaranteed to be backed by a database system. The flexibility in terms of how this data is managed, stored and manipulated is both finite and endless. You can rest assured knowing that data going into your software is valid, and what’s expected. Truly a great aspect of this, is that when you need the data out, it’ll be good. Reports? No problem. Push or Sync the data to a new system or integration? Again, usually no problem. This allows your business to scale in a way that you probably could’ve only dreamed of.

Benefit 2 – Workflow Management

Like most businesses, you probably have a workflow process that every single order must goes through. This can be a simple 3-4 step process, or is complex with different divisions needing involvement. Regardless of the number of steps, having this process controlled for each order allows you to maintain your workflow.

Benefit 3 – Customer Data Entry

Allow customers to gain access to create and submit their own orders. No more will an order need to be re-keyed. This eliminates many costly mistakes and would allow your business to grow it’s customer base.

Benefit 4 – Volume Scaling Features

For many businesses you need to get an order entry system when you’re outgrowing your existing processes. This is a great problem to have. With an online ordering system, you gain features that can be added to help assist with the overall growth of your operation – bulk imports, auto imports and more. More than likely, you’ll also have a rich toolset of features that enhance your business data. Making it more accessible overall, especially as your order volume increases.

Benefit 5 – Service Integrations

One of the strongest standpoints for any online ordering system will be the ability to integrate with other data services. This includes Accounting, Shipping and other eCommerce systems. Setting you up for complete visibility and flexibility with your entire business and the different sales channels.


These 5 Benefits Online Order Entry Software Give To Your B2B Business (and many more) are already built into Orderwerks. In fact, there are so many benefits to list it’s actually a bit overwhelming. However, thru relentless work, we’ve made our interface easy to use while still being incredibly powerful and flexible. Consider scheduling a demo to see how we can assist with your business growth and processes.

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