Catalog Management

Catalog Management

Catalog management for accurate and detailed information.

Orderwerks is a powerful cloud-based catalog management platform. Quickly and easily manage and update catalogs for your business giving up-to-date information for everyone.

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Unlimited Catalogs

Create as many catalogs as necessary for your business needs.

Unlimited Price Groups

Create any number of price groups within a catalog to offer account specific pricing.


Create and assign products to categories to further organize and make product lookup easier.


A picture is worth a thousand words, you can give four thousand with Orderwerks. Setup four pictures on a product.


Easily create kits within a catalog to make ordering them fast and simple.

Bulk Processing

Perform bulk catalog operations using built-in tools and features.


Tax Categories

Utilizing TaxJar you can assign tax categories to products so that the right tax is calculated.

Real Time Inventory

Stop guessing how much on hand inventory you have with real-time inventory features.


Numerous built-in integrations are included to further enhance the capabilities of Orderwerks within your business.