B2B Catalog Management
June 14, 2020

B2B Catalog Management

As a business your product or service catalog is the main way in which customers would place orders with you by knowing what you’re offering. With B2B Sales, your catalog might be quite large with many different pricing variations and individual product requirements. This is why B2B Catalog Management is critical to get right and maintain, to be in a position to scale your business.


Many considerations with b2b catalog management depend on your actual business needs. Having discussed with many businesses and with a multitude of different ones using Orderwerks, we can confidently put together a general initial list of requirements:

  1. Single and Bulk Item Updates
  2. Categories
  3. Item Attributes
  4. Photos
  5. Spec Files
  6. 3rd Party Details
  7. SKU and UPC Details
  8. Price Groups / Levels

This initial list will grow depending on your business needs. Some of these needs might be Inventory management, Product Groups, Product Kits and Cost Management, Pick / Pack Management and more. All of which are possible in Orderwerks.

B2B Catalog Management That Scales…

With bulk management, you can easily manage many of the core parts of your product catalog, and often in an automated process. All of this is possible and more in Orderwerks. Some of our bulk management features are Catalog Items, Categories, Price Groups / Levels, Inventory and Pricing.

Using Orderwerks built-in bulk management features is currently available to all of our customer as a standard offering which greatly simplify initial setup of your catalog and managing it as you grow.

One of our favorite things to do is engage with our customers to bring together automated solutions so that they can stay focused on building their business, knowing their b2b catalog management is tip-top and opening up the possibility to scale.

Looking to discuss your b2b catalog management options with us? Click here to get started.

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