February 12, 2020

B2B Online Ordering System

With so much technology available to businesses it can often be a difficult task to determine from all of the options available, what workflow process or B2B online ordering system you should use. Also, depending on your area of business, you can sometimes find more industry specific solutions that approach your unique business requirements effectively. However, these may not always be the best options to use.

For many industry specific solutions they can often incorporate an outdated workflow solution that is both rigid (or impossible) to have customized as your business evolves, or as business changes in general. These unique ever present challenges make picking a flexible B2B online order system one that needs to be detailed out with at a minimum the following questions:

  1. How can this system be customized now? What if there needs to be future changes? What will this cost?
  2. Is there any underlying internal business features that could be offloaded to work with the existing B2B online ordering system?
  3. What kind of business capacity can the system handle?
  4. Will there be support for customers to gain access? What about if the customers are in a different country?
  5. How can the platform integrate with some of our existing systems or services? If it isn’t currently integrated with the service, can it be and at what price?
  6. What kind of support is provided? What if someone needs assistance?

These are a number of great questions to get started with answering for your business when looking at B2B online ordering systems. Orderwerks for instance is extremely customizable, and we always enjoy working with our customers to find the perfect solution for your unique business needs and challenges. We especially enjoy working with our customers over time to further refine and develop these features to keep your business at maximum efficiency.

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