B2B Sales Order Entry
August 3, 2018

B2B Sales Order Entry

Inefficient B2B Sales Order Entry Limits Your Business

Understanding the b2b sales order entry process is important to getting an efficient process in place for your business. Many companies still are using Excel spreadsheets, faxed documents or an outdated order entry system. Each of these have their own drawbacks, but the all share a single major problem for your business – they’re inefficient.

So much technology is available to us now and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by it or not particularly well versed in all of the options. The key is finding the option that works best for you and your business. Being in a position to grow your business requires more powerful systems to stay organized, increase connectivity, decreasing friction and being able to minimize customer issues. A big part of this after you sign up a new account is the sales order process.

Most sales orders require a customer to know about your product offerings from a custom catalog – typically unique to your business. New accounts might prefer a more category driven find and select approach, while existing clients are already well versed with your catalog nomenclature and would mainly be interested in keyed in order entry. If you have clients sending in orders via Excel or fax this would require them to be sent a catalog, fill in an order entry form of sorts and call on the phone with any questions. They could do a screen share if done on Excel to get help, but that’s limited in itself and requires additional support and more software for the client to run. Neither of which are ideal for your b2b sales order entry process.

Customer Support is More Than Fixing Problems

From this point your front office staff ends up entering in all of the data again on your internal system. You might have some import utility to get the data into another system, but again this would require additional steps and more manual processes.

Depending on shipping options and process this only further adds to your business overhead and getting information back to your clients. And finally making sure if there are shipping updates, that your customer receives them.

We haven’t even gotten into partial shipments, service orders and more. There is a better way to manage all of this with a b2b sales order entry system.

With the right system in place all of these pain points disappear and you are in a position to grow your business with a system that scales as your business grows. Orderwerks can handle any size business and manage a proper sales order entry setup for virtually all business types.

By utilizing cutting edge technology we can offer real-time collaboration across the entire application – decreasing customer support overhead and friction. This leads to increased business confidence and happier clients. Making existing clients happy is important and worthwhile for growing your business. Interested in a quick demo of Orderwerks, click here to get started, and see how we eliminate all of the pain points.

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