B2B Sales Process In Action
June 15, 2020

B2B Sales Process In Action

Your B2B Sales Process will more than likely be dictated by your industry and company size. However, a typical B2B sales process can be a fairly generic process. Our internal B2B Sales Process follows these steps. Once a sale is made, Orderwerks can help your business execute to impress your customers and get more business.

Step One – Qualify

Starting with the initial lead – which could be generated from a number of different avenues – will come from your marketing. Have an initial qualifying call to discuss the needs or requirements and if your company is a good fit.

Step Two – Sample / Demo

Once qualified, you would progress to putting together samples or a demo for them of your product or service. This critical step is one in which all stakeholders need to be involved to move forward with a sale. Depending on the industry, this process is variable. It can last anywhere from a week or two or be many months long.

Step Three – Agreements

If your business requires business agreements or if the customer requires specific requirements to finalize their order, you will want to actually get some form of conditional agreement in place and involve your legal council to review any relevant documents, whether they’re NDA’s or Purchase Agreements or Contracts.

Step Four – Fulfill Orders

Now that the B2B Sales Process has been completed, it’s time to accept and process your customers order(s). This is the point at which Orderwerks can bring immediate benefit to any organization. It’s also the beginning where the process starts to get more complicated and where mistakes happen and can cost you time and lost revenue.

B2B Sales Management

A common topic at this point is to understand how you can do B2B Sales Management using a proper system. Very often this depends on your company requirements. Some questions to seek out answers to with any system your looking at is:

  1. Can we customize the B2B Sales Process steps if we require additional steps?
  2. Does the solution allow mobile access? Whether it’s a native app or responsive web application.
  3. What integrations are available or can we dynamically move the data into another system should we need the visibility?
  4. How accessible is customer service? This is a BIG ONE!
  5. What level of engagement does the companies development team have with us?
  6. Can we grow into additional features over time?
  7. How often are new features released? do they cost additional money? Or are we grandfathered in?

It’s only a natural scenario that this system would be your CRM inside of your organization, but it’s possible that you use a system like Orderwerks as a part of the B2B Sales Process to generate quotes that you can then send to your customer(s) and then convert them to orders. From there your business would process and follow through on your standard business workflow to complete the orders for fulfillment.


Your B2B Sales Process requires some initial considerations and planning that should incorporate multiple brain storming sessions and continuous refinement. Both as you learn to better understand your target market and the market evolves over time. Constant iteration on improving your closing rate will continuously benefit your business in both the short and long term.

A/B testing could be another next actionable item in your B2B Sales Process. It however would require a fair amount of leads to determine if it’s successful.

Come see what you’re missing by not using Orderwerks to enhance your B2B Sales Process. Request a demo to get started talking to us.

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