October 6, 2018

How to Analyze your Business to Find the Right Online Ordering System Software

You probably fall into two categories – either you already have an online ordering system software for your business or you don’t. If you don’t, then you probably need one badly. If you do, you’re either fed up with some aspect of your current ordering system or it isn’t the setup that your business needs. Either way, you more than likely need to analyze your business to find the right online ordering system software – quite a task.

With understanding that the core aspect of any online ordering system is to manage receiving orders you need to understand how your business operates before you figure out what your best options are.

Is all business analysis complex?

There are quite a few ways to analyze your business – PESTLE, Heptalysis, STEER, MOST, SWOT, CATWOE and even more. But does it have to be a complex process? It shouldn’t be. Analysis requires sitting down and choosing a technique to step through your current business operations. So how does this help you with picking the right online order entry software? Let’s break it down to explain how you should analyze your business for finding the right product.

Breaking it down

Moving towards finding the right product requires you to break down your business processes/steps further starting with the sales themselves and going all the way through to production, fulfillment and service orders or rma management. This should be an your first step in beginning to see how you can match up your business to an online ordering system software.

One simple way of doing this is to just document each of the current steps that the departments makes to accomplish their business goals. Using a flowchart or a series of flowcharts can be very helpful. Here’s an example:

Business Process Flowchart Breakdown
Business Process Flowchart Breakdown
Questions to answer

Here’s a list of 18 questions you need to ask yourself before choosing:

  1. Do you need to have multiple people accessing the orders simultaneously?
  2. How complex is your product selection? Do you need every detail captured and available in the system?
  3. Will you need to build out custom reports? Should these be emailed on a schedule?
  4. Should the software connect to any Third party software or systems? 
  5. Would you prefer to get text/sms notifications when events occur in the system?
  6. Are your vendors ever needing to place orders with custom items?
  7. Is catalog management and updating items a routine task?
  8. Would working collaboratively on orders or management of them be an improvement or a need for your business?
  9. Do you have a need for a basic CRM?
  10. Should the order system be online based or self hosted?
  11. Will the system need to be translated or available in different languages and/or currencies?
  12. Is real-time pricing for foreign currencies a need?
  13. How does your business manage inventory? Do you have an existing system – is it a requirement that it can be connected to? Or are you looking to replace one?
  14. Do you need shipping management or have a need to allow users to place shipments?
  15. Would returns and returns management (RMA) be a strict requirement?
  16. Should the ordering system offer different theming options? Dark mode?
  17. Does the system need to work on any device? Or is desktop the only main requirement?
  18. Will outside sales reps need access to some type of mobile app to complete orders? Or does a mobile friendly site work ok?

This list is just our own discovery of ideas to help you figure out what will help you determine your best options for an online ordering system software.

Orderwerks meets many of these requirements and offers a unique real-time collaboration experience for your business and vendors. Click here to learn more or click here to reach out and schedule a free demo and to see if it’s a great fit.

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