August 21, 2018

Online Purchase Order

The Orderwerks platform isn’t always going to be realistic for a fresh business. For instance you may just be starting out or don’t have the business volume to warrant using a more robust solution. However, using Excel or PDF files don’t exactly make you happy either. We’ve all been there – trying to keep the Excel file organized, and then creating new columns, making sure things stay in sync. Before you know it there’s a giant web of data in an Excel spreadsheet constantly causing bits of anxiety just at the thought of opening it and trying to keep it all organized and together. It’s time to change that! We’ve created a very simple and intuitive free online purchase order available for anyone to use. Expect additional features to be added over time, but this simple app is just one way we want to help you with your business and that when you’re ready to expand further, Orderwerks will be there to offer a comprehensive and robust solution to handle bringing and managing any growing business. Besides all of the necessary features, and the fact that it’s free, the online purchase order is mobile ready! Now you can complete one on the fly! That’s pretty important to us. If you’re interested or genuinely need access to the free online purchase order you can check it out at We’d appreciate any and all comments as well and if you have any requests, please let us know!
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