November 15, 2018

QuickBooks and Sales Orders

For most small businesses (approx. 80% or more than 29 million small businesses), QuickBooks is an absolute necessity to operate their business and manage their accounting. Allowing you to leverage lots of powerful functionality within a single application to streamline your business. But what do you do about QuickBooks and Sales Orders? You may want to handle this important business need for both your internal office and vendors while still keeping your QuickBooks up-to-date with the sales orders that pass through your business, preferably in an automated way.

Orderwerks main focus is B2B Sales Order Entry for Wholesalers or any Supplier/Vendor relationship, where you will receive orders in some form. Many times this is coming from either a fax or email. A single digital point of entry helps minimize operational overhead by allowing all orders to flow through a single location, that brings confidence to both your internal users as well as your customers with a powerful yet easy to use service. This is a reality sinceĀ Orderwerks has a built in integration with QuickBooks.

If we can better or more fully integrate QuickBooks with Orderwerks for you business to make Sales Order Entry even better, we’d love to talk! We’re always searching for new and better ways to improve Orderwerks with our customers to help them be more successful, save time and bring as much value as possible.

And while we work to add even more time-saving functionality to Orderwerks with QuickBooks, you can rest assured that as we roll out improvements and new features you automatically get access to them with the Orderwerks platform.

If you’re interested in seeing how Orderwerks, QuickBooks and your Sales Orders can be integrated and streamlined, why not schedule a quick demo? You can submit a request here and we’ll be in touch!

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