QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise and Orderwerks
June 17, 2020

QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise and Orderwerks

Orderwerks is now a certified QuickBooks Desktop App. This certification can allow you to rest assured that our solution works correctly with QuickBooks Desktop. Simply, our integration works with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premiere and Enterprise.

Helpful Features

We offer some helpful features for you to stay on top of knowing exactly which Orders have Sales Orders and/or Invoices created for them in QuickBooks. Gain instant visibility into Catalog Items and Customers that are setup with QuickBooks.

One of the powerful features we have is our ability to create the Sales Orders and Invoices with the customer assigned price tier. Discounts? No problem either. All of this data transfers to those accounting documents. What exactly does this mean? If a catalog has a dozen different price levels for each catalog item in Orderwerks, the prices levels can be assigned to customers and the order selected price level will transfer to the Sales Orders and Invoices. Talk about saving time!

Complexity Simplified

Additionally, one of the main reasons why so many companies don’t offer a QuickBooks Desktop integration – especially a certified one – is due to the technology you must integrate with and how the QuickBooks Desktop integration workflow operates. The amount of complexity introduced with this creates a very challenging integration fraught with an incredible amount of frustration and confusing documentation.

We not only understand the integration deeply, our integration is certified. For instance, Orderwerks has real-time updates for when interactions occur with QuickBooks Desktop. We’re interested in continuously finding new ways to improve or enhance this QuickBooks integration. Just know this will only get better for existing and new customers.

Workflow Enhancement

Let’s face it, QuickBooks is an accounting software. It’s for bookkeepers, accountants, cpas and business owners to review and manage financials. It’s not for sales users to enter in data, or for customers to submit sales orders into. While inventory is possible in QuickBooks Desktop, it leaves a large gap of what’s necessary for most businesses.

Orderwerks offers and manages the correct workflow for all of these scenarios and more. Picture your sales users or customers being able to directly enter in orders. Having a step-by-step workflow for each order and pushing it into QuickBooks Desktop at your whim. Customers can directly login to Orderwerks and access your up-to-date product catalog with personalized pricing and discounts. And this is where the feature set just begins.

Supercharge Your Workflow

In conclusion, with so many workflow options that become possible or greatly simplified with Orderwerks and our QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise Integration, you’d wished you had actually starting using Orderwerks sooner.

The amount of time and energy you save will improve your business overall and allow you to scale your business all while using QuickBooks Desktop/Enterprise and not re-purpose it for something that it’s not – an order management, inventory and fulfillment platform.

Connect with us here to request a demo and see how Orderwerks can start saving you time and money today.

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