August 29, 2018

Sales Order Automation Software

In the past 20 years the number of options for Sales Order Automation Software has grown extensively. In fact, if your still operating with either paper or excel spreadsheets, there are many reasons to get your business switched over to an automated sales order process.

If you were to list some of the top reasons why you should automate your sales order process, we probably would have many similar ones. Here are just 5:

  1. Double Keyed Sales Order Entry
  2. Missing Documents
  3. Order Mis-Organization
  4. No Sales Order Update Overviews
  5. Lack of Easy Reporting

1 – Double Keyed Sales Order Entry
Someone is filling in the order and sending it to you, and now you’re entering in the order again. Why needlessly double the initial work for a single order. Imagine the money saved by gaining that time back!

2 – Missing Documents
It’s all too easy to need additional documents to be sent with an order, just for you to have to manage the organization of it. It really makes no sense! Orderwerks helps remove this entire step!

3 – Order Mis-Organization
There’s only one thing worse than order mis-organization, and that’s when it costs you money to do the same work twice. We aim to help you completely solve this headache and needless wallet drain.

4 – No Sales Order Update Overviews
Knowing where all of your sales orders are at status wise can help you often times plan your day or week out. Anything helping you forecast and plan is a win-win!

5 – Lack of Easy Reporting
If you’re manually entering in all of your sales orders to something, odds are good that there is no reporting option to review different trends and gain interesting insights into your business and its flow. Knowing how to visually review your business can help assist you with making a wide variety of decisions.

There are just a few tasks that sales order automation software can solve for your business. But with many options out there you need to really determine and pick the best possible option for you business. Doing this requires you to sit down and analyze your business.

However, most (if not all) sales order software may need to be slightly customized for your needs. Having a discussion with multiple vendors can definitely help you see what they can or can’t do.

Orderwerks is always looking to engage with businesses on their needs to see how we can tailor fit our platform to accelerate your business with our sales order automation software.

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