What is Order Management
June 3, 2020

What is Order Management

Order management is the business workflow that needs to occur to process and manage a completed sale until the sale items or services are completed and given to the customer. This workflow can be one that is common among many types of businesses or it can be unique to your business.

What are the basic steps of order management?

The basic steps of order management are straight forward:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Submitted
  3. Confirmed
  4. Completed
  5. Shipped (if applicable)

Breaking down each of these basic steps with details will also help you better understand each phase.

Preliminary – Every order starts at this stage. You begin to assemble the necessary items required for creating an order. This can be what the customer ordered or any necessary services, shipping details, spec files, diagrams and more.

Submitted – Once ready for processing the order is submitted. This alerts those that need to validate the order details the chance to make modifications and gather additional details. Think of it as checking over math.

Confirmed – After the order has all necessary items and any issues are resolved, it will become a confirmed order. At this point your internal business procedures should now ‘kick-off’. This could be pulling items from inventory, submitting purchase orders to necessary suppliers, scheduling labor or something completely different.

Completed – Once all of those order items are either ready for shipment or done the order would be marked as completed.

Shipped – If goods need to be shipped to customers, then this stage is an indicator that they’ve actually been shipped. This can be either a local pickup, sent with UPS or FedEx, or delivered with a 3PL carrier.


This breakdown of the basic steps for order management can work for many businesses, but it doesn’t necessarily work for all businesses. This is where things get a bit interesting.

Not all systems allow you to customize the order management workflow steps, but Orderwerks does. In fact, Orderwerks was built initially with this detail in mind. Our customization options are virtually endless and we work with our customers to have a workflow process that works well for their business – often times even enhancing their workflow to save them a lot of time and money.

Schedule a demo with us and let’s talk about your business.

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