What Is The Cost To Build a B2B eCommerce Platform?
June 9, 2020

What Is The Cost To Build a B2B eCommerce Platform?

Many companies whether they sell to consumers or not, require a B2B eCommerce platform. If your company is looking to do B2B Sales the workflows, payments and shipment options are critical. This is where things begin to become more of a challenge when looking to build out a B2B eCommerce platform. So what is the cost to build a B2B eCommerce platform?

Depending on the technical knowledge experience in your company, this can become quite expensive, especially if the B2B eCommerce platform needs to be highly customized.

What is the Cost To Build a B2B eCommerce Platform?

A minimum you can expect to pay is $20,000+ for a platform with an off-the-shelf solution and minimal customization. Development time is also expensive and typically ranges between $80-$150/hr. Off-shore developers are an option, but this often ends up with sub-par results and challenging issues with code base.

Realistically what is the cost to build a B2B eCommerce platform? You should expect to pay a minimum of $50,000+ for a semi-custom build out of a proper platform. This doesn’t include on-going costs around maintenance, new features and developments.

If you need to integrate with a number of systems, this also requires you to gain expertise with those systems as well as the developers doing it. Some can be easier than others, but any single integration could cost at a minimum an extra $15,000 or more. Again a lot depends on the requirements for being able to integrate.

Something to consider…

Development costs can be a challenge for any business. Many businesses consider and use Orderwerks since it’s semi-custom and able to help your business with their B2B eCommerce platform strategy. With the latest technology that’s thoroughly tested and a multitude of businesses using the platform every day, you also gain the benefit of new features and functionality being added all the time.

You can schedule a demo call with us and discuss your business needs to see how Orderwerks can improve your business for a reasonable price.

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