WooCommerce Integration
May 5, 2020

WooCommerce Integration

Orderwerks is a solution for not only B2B, but also B2C now with our WooCommerce Integration!

Our goal is to create a single point of sales and order management for your business – allowing a unified experience for both your internal users as well as the management of all orders across your business. Creating a multi-channel solutions is just one step in this process and our WooCommerce integration is the beginning of that.

With our WooCommerce Integration you can now manage all of your Catalog Items and Inventory in Orderwerks – even sync them to WooCommerce, pull in orders and process them directly inside of Orderwerks.

The shipping feature of Orderwerks can be leveraged to easily manage multiple shipments for any WooCommerce order – and when combined with our new Pick-Pack-Ship workflow, you can have a record of exactly what was shipped, when it was shipped, which shipment contained what items and more! Try doing that in WooCommerce!

We give you complete control over the flow of data between Orderwerks and WooCommerce, with many easy to configure options. All of these awesome features are automatically included all of our customers accounts.

We still have many ways we’d like to improve the WooCommerce and Orderwerks integration but this is an incredible starting point to give a major leg up that any business will now have that uses Orderwerks.

In addition to WooCommerce, you’re still able to do all of the great things with Orderwerks that you need such as providing user access to your internal users and/or customer accounts to place orders to Managing multiple catalogs and any number of Price Groups for them, as well as easily handle your inventory. And with our Alternate Sources feature now available for Catalog Items you specify, it makes item substitutions a breeze!

Having so many new features to introduce, consider a demo with us to see how your business can be enhanced and scale with the right cloud based order management solution that works for nearly any business.

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