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Handling your growing business is easier with Orderwerks. With many available features, here are just a few that can help improve your business:

Order Management

Order management is a major bottleneck for most businesses. Orderwerks helps digitally manage your orders, giving your business a system that is easier, faster and more accessible.

Orders are restricted to your product catalog, so you can be sure that customers are only ordering valid products from you.

Orderwerks makes it as simple as possible for your customers to place orders with you.

Shipment Management

Manage your shipments with a simple, organized and easy to use screen that will save you countless hours.

Shipment Groups Allow:

  • Organize Shipments - As Many As Necessary
  • Attach One or More Orders
  • Invoicing and Packing List Management

Use our ShipStation Integration to make Labels, Get Real Tracking Numbers and Rates.

Inventory Management

Quickly see what items you have in stock.

View what items have alternate sources to fulfill your customers orders.

Bulk updates give you flexibility to manage your inventory counts; Both by count replacement or add and subtract from your inventory.

Access Management

Access control is an on-going issue that is crucial to your business. Control price groups and vendor access for users.

Give access to your Customers for Placing Orders, View Order History, Shipping Details and more.

Intuitive Reports

Being a data driven business helps, but only if you have the right reports.

Orderwerks includes over 10 standard reports and we can also customize reports for your business.

Dashboard Overview

With one click manage your most recent orders. Get an instant snapshot of your business right from the dashboard.

The dashboard also lets you see how your business has performed over the past 12 months and shows you important system notifications from Orderwerks.

Easy Digital Exports

Exporting order data to load and manipulate in another system could be an important feature for your business.

Orderwerks allows you to select orders for easy exporting.

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